I started The Quik Chik when my daughter, Stella James, turned one.  She was no longer a lump propped up in a boppy pillow.  I not only had to keep her from falling off the deck, but I needed to feed her actual food and entertain her.  I ran out of ideas by week one.

Just like all of you, I wanted my kid to be great, in her own way.

When I looked for answers on platforms like Pinterest I was overwhelmed with every mom out there that was clearly doing a better job then me, with the pictures to prove it. 

So here I am changing the game.

Come hang with me and be awesome at some things and really shitty at others…just like the rest of us. 

The Quik Chik is here to take the pressure off being a mom and encourage you to try more things with your children. Instead of trying to be perfect I’d like to give you perfect things to try. 

Quick and delicious recipes

Easy and fun DIY activities

Tips and Tricks learned along the way

Use the ones that work, dump the ones that don’t, it’s all good as long as you are engaged and connecting with your little ones.