DIY Floral and Fruit Ice Cubes

DIY floral ice

If you can boil water, you can make these gorgeous ice cubes! 

DIY Berry Ice

Perfect for holiday partaaaays, baby showers, or to give you a special treat after day one of potty training prep.   Cause rose all day girl. 

You just need to boil water two times. Dos.  

Yup.  That's right. 

The only thing you need to do is boil water twice before you pour it into the ice cube trays.  This is what prevents the ice from becoming cloudy! 

Let the water cool a bit (so your ice treasures don't wilt) then drop your flowers, fruit, or garden snippets into the tray and freeze over night! 

DIY garden floral ice

I loved taking little snips from my garden and seeing how they froze in the ice.  My wild strawberry is kinda the cutest no? I would have had more but Stella James picks them immediately when they turn the slightest bit red.  She LOVES her toddler garden. Will definitely be trying some of the rosemary cubes in a fun cocktail... cause you know how monstrous my rosemary bush is! 

DIY frozen berry ice

For these juicy cubes I puréed an 8oz container of berries in a mixer with a couple tablespoons of water so they would blend well.


The wine stays cold, doesn't get watered down, and when the berry cube melts the flavors slowly fuse with the wine.  The perfect summer cocktail 

I'm absolutely trying these with a little soda on top for a fancy spritzer. My daughter had eaten all the strawberries at this point otherwise you would have seen a slick garnish. 

You know I only show you effortless, awesome stuff that you can do! This is a topper on the easy list! Try it with blueberries for the kids to do (after that water cools).  How rad would some fruit look in a glass of lemonade?! Let me know what you thought of to plop in an ice cube tray and blow everyone's socks off! xx -Becky