DIY Easter Egg Tattoos


My daughter is super into temporary tattoos.  And also immediately trying to pick them off (whatever).  I love how GORGEOUS they are.  The colors are so vibrant! Way cooler then when we were little. But it got me thinking... What else can you tattoo??? An egg??? Yup!  

The truth is, if I give my daughter a cup of anything, she will dump it over. Anything.  Water in a big girl cup, snacks, box of crayons, her bowl of oatmeal this morning.  

To consider having cups of dye on the table was laughable.

Maybe my toddler is messier than others, but maybe she isn't and coming up with a decorating alternative to dying easter eggs just may be a homerun for you too. 


Alert: Egg Tattooing is rad to do with your children, BUT it's also amazing to do with your friends.  Like, how chic will you all be, right?

Just add wine.  

The "How?" is easy.  Follow the instructions on tattoos.  Instead of dry skin, you're putting it on a dry hard boiled egg.  

QuikChik Tips to making this easy and successful.

Tattoo selection:

I bought all of mine on Amazon Prime.  They range from $5.00-$13.00.  I searched "temporary tattoos" and then a word like "butterfly" or "metallic." Genius, I know. 

Choose a small and vertically composed tattoo so you don't have to wrap it around the round egg.  A favorite character like Minnie Mouse standing would be perfect. The miniature rose and metallic arrows pictured below are great examples. 

Yes, I was able to successfully tattoo the butterflies but for a toddler it will be much easier if the tattoo is small and of longer shape vs wider.  


Tattoo application:

Use a sponge! I found it best to cut a kitchen sponge into quarters this way little hands could control it.  You want your small tattoo to be completely covered by the wet sponge when applying. 

I kept the wet sponge quarters on a little side plate that held a bit of water.  This made the water accessible away from the sink but prevented the water from dripping everywhere

Hold the wet sponge over your tattoo for 20 seconds and then give a check.  Obvi you're little one will gasp over the big reveal! 

bowl of tattooed easter eggs

Make the best candy-free Easter egg hunt:

You are winning if you fill empty plastic Easter eggs with different temporary tattoos and have your own egg hunt! Whichever eggs they find reveal the tattoo they get.  A great non-candy option that won't cause any eye rolls. 

I love love love this activity for kids and for mamas! Wether it's Disney princesses or boho metallic flash tattoos, you're going to have the coolest, most gorgeous eggs in your hood. 

In case you were wondering- Here's THE BEST way to hard boil eggs so the shell peels off easily:

1. Place eggs into a pot and cover with cold water

2. Bring water and eggs to a rolling boil

3. Immediate remove from heat and cover. Let stand 14 minutes.

4. Remove eggs and place in an ice bath to halt further cooking and to create steam between the egg and it's shell

Would love to know if you want to try this! Leave me a comment below ;) xx Becky