Easy and Quick Lavender Chocolate Chip Cookies

lavender chocolate chip cookies.jpg

I'm a FRAUD!!!

and you're going to flip when you see what I did here...


The other day I made lavender chocolate chip cookies from scratch.  How did they turn out?

The short answer...

The smoke detector went off.

My daughter enjoyed them with her little friend Norah but those two will eat anything that ends in "cookie" ;)

All I wanted was a fancy cookie that screamed how amazing and out of the ordinary I was... but the making from scratch version was way too much effort for the cute thought I had.

So I fixed the problem. I am a genius and most certainly a cookie fraud.

So here's what I did to make the pictured lavender chocolate chip cookies...

I just bought the chocolate chip snap and bake version from the store...

and pressed edible lavender (you can find it on Amazon here) into the top of the raw cookie dough squares on the baking tray and then baked cookies according to the package instruction! 

They came out PERFECTLY... just the right hint of lavender as you bring the cookie up to your nose to take a bite.

Perfect for hosting when you want to doll it up a bit... School party??? Umm no one will think you fudged those lavender cuties.

We're all SO BUSY... keep this lil trick in your back pocket for when you want to make something a little special but still need to attack the laundry hanging over your door ;) Xx Becky