Easy Mommy and Me Easter Party

toddler girl gang

I decided to make a quick video explaining why you need to have your girlfriends and their little ones over for an Easter party this spring and how you can actually have it be quick and inexpensive (cuz girl, I know its hard to even tweeze your eyebrows). Btw- clean up took 10 min.

We also had mimosas.

I'm gonna let the photos do most of the talking too.  We all like looking at pictures anyway right? And these are some pretty cute kiddos. Links to recipes and activities are all included :)

Have your fabulous guests arrive in the morning.  We all know mornings are best and lessens the chance of the day just going to complete crap.  Think 10:30-12:30p.

Toddler early Easter party arrival

I bought nearly everything at the supermarket and the decorations on Amazon. 

Yes, that is my daughter's beach pale being used as a champagne bucket.

Toddler easter party food spread

On the day I literally just had to arrange it on the table.  Keep the menu simple and stock it with these 3 things:

Fresh cut fruit

Cheese with crackers

Muffins or a breakfast bread for carb energy and full tummies.

The croissants are the frozen ones from Trader Joes that you leave out the night before and then bake in the oven. Everything was sized to pass the toddler finger food test.  No forks and definitely no knives. 

The cheese was a monster hit.  Have cheese. 

Easter Party Cheese

Have a couple girlfriends bring a bottle of champagne. Cause...


Another gf picked up some dollar store scores for decoration and cute napkins. 

I added some cookies for something sweet (don't let the gingham napkin fool you.  The store bought cookies are still in the plastic Trader Joe's container) along with my 5 Minute No Bake Power Balls.  I mixed them when I had time 2 nights prior. HUUUUUGE WIN at the party. I subbed the chocolate chips in the recipe for crushed pastel M&M's to add some spring flare.  

After the moms caught up, blabbed, and forgot about their mimosa somewhere, we huddled the girls up for an Easter egg hunt.  Each egg contained a small temporary tattoo...not made out of candy.

toddler candy-free Easter egg hunt
the easter egg hunt begins
toddler easter egg hunt
toddler Easter egg hunt tattoos

This lil cutie found a minnie mouse tattoo in her egg.  She was beaming. 

Easter egg hunt happiness
Toddler Easter Egg hunt tattoo fun

After the girls hunted, we took their treasures over to a little table and helped them tattoo their eggs... and the many requested body parts.  

Toddler Easter Egg Tattooing
easter egg tattoo toddler fun
easter egg decorating toddler fun
toddler easter tattoo minnie mouse

We also did a sun catcher activity where the girls colored on round coffee filters with washable markers.  I sprayed them with water and they imitated stained glass.  These are super cute and easy.  I def recommend this for something simple. They also blew away while they were drying so be better than me on that front please. 

toddler easter party sun catcher coffee filter

The girls had the best time hanging with each other.  Yes, they had fun and were kept occupied with the 3 activities I planned, but they also loved finding a wild fig caught in the wheel of the toy stroller and the potential to find a ladybug near the blanket. 

Toddler easter egg ladybug hunt
toddler easter party laughter and fun

As nap time approached moms got ready to leave and the girls said goodbye.  

toddler easter party hug goodbye

We had such a wonderful day! Long gone are the days where our little ones just play side by side.  They are making friends!

I loved hanging with all my mama friends but what I loved even more was seeing the beginnings of one heck of an awesome girl gang for my daughter. 

Thank you to all the mamas for coming over and partying with us.  I think we're all doing a pretty fantastic job raising beautiful and kind little souls. xx Becky

P.S. Thank you to Dana Adams for capturing these cuties and allowing the moms to actually be in some photos with their babes. 

Toddler Mommy and Me easter party