Flower Press Your Memories in a Book

Do you remember the feeling of opening a book and having a delicately pressed flower fall out?

You smile because you forgot about that memory you were so intent on saving but now, months, years later it just made your day.

That moment, preserved in tissue, lost in time, comes rushing back.

It happened to me with a red rose from my 5th grade boyfriend Michael Reznicek. I remember he said he was going to shave my initials in the back of his hair.  He didn’t-which was probably a good thing.

Big books make excellent flower presses.  They are the simplest, easiest, and most accessible place to save your memories.

Flowers that are naturally flat are the best option for pressing.  Think violets, single petal roses, or daisies. 

Next time, don’t throw away wild flowers picked on your family walk, or congratulatory flowers from a first recital or graduation.

Instead, grab a heavy book and a tissue, and preserve a bloom with your children so they can rediscovered it in a few weeks. 

Or even better, maybe they’ll forget about it like I did, and have it light up their day two decades later. 

xx Becky