The Farmer's Market Was Giving Me Anxiety


Lately going to the farmers market has been giving me anxiety.  My daughter is potty training so the last time I went I brought a travel potty in my bag and was quietly freaking out and watching the clock to try and anticipate when she may have to go again.

Instead of enjoying my Sunday with her, I spent the morning practically dragging her around by her wrist, not teaching her about fresh healthy produce, or enjoying the one-man-bands and as many delicious samples as we should experience. 

I know I'm not alone.

Whether potty training or not, California moms are putting pressure on themselves to give their children the freshest, best, locally sourced foods.  We obsess about it and it's taken the fun out of teaching our children about different foods and letting them experience new fruits and veggies.


I'm so thankful to have partnered with Milk and Eggs for this post and to share my story because... 

Milk and Eggs gave me my balance back.


With their food delivery service we win all around.  Yes, it's convenient as heck, but we also get the best quality, locally sourced produce, delivered to our doorstep.  We are supporting local farms and using fresh organic foods!  Bye-bye rushed grocery store trips with a child (or two) trying to wiggle out of the cart. Now, when I go to the farmers market I don't need to buy a single thing.

I get to enjoy my daughter and teach her about different foods, how they grow and the importance of eating healthy.


I can let Stella James try some ice cream, dance to the banjo, or see if she can taste the difference between ginger mint and Kentucky mint.


I chose when I wanted Milk and Eggs to deliver my order and they even called me to let me know they arrived because of the locked gate outside my property. 

If going to the grocery store or farmer's market is stressing you out and you want to try Milk and Eggs you can use code: thequikchik (note the spelling) to get $15 off your order of $35 or more! 

Give it a whirl, get your time back and enjoy more stress free moments with your family ;)


Xx Becky