Toddler Science

My daughter has been fighting a tough cough and cold.  Getting out of the house and going to the park was a no go, and I didn't want to bring her sniffles around any of her friends... but mommy def needed to fill our time with some sort of activity to keep us both sane.  

Toddler Science it is!

Within 5 minutes I rounded up some baking soda, vinegar, food coloring, a baking sheet, and a few cookie cutters. I used Christmas shapes because it's December and because I had them.   

You can totally use whatever you have.  Even if it is zero cookie cutters and just a baking sheet with piles of baking soda on it.  

We partied outside because we live in SoCal but you can get down with this on the kitchen counter or at the table. 

We documented our activity with some photos for ya so you can see what we did! 

I helped her with pouring the baking soda into the shapes and using the dropper filled with colored vinegar but older kiddos can totally rock everything themselves.

FYI you can also use a teaspoon to transfer vinegar or just pick up the plastic cup and slowly pour it onto baking soda. 

Spoiler alert- the baking soda fizzes when combined with vinegar.  Looks super cool, especially to a toddler, and especially when it's colored and they are the ones making it happen.  Just don't let them eat it.  But really, don't let them eat it. 

We wanted some heavy duty fizz so we abandoned the dropper and just poured the vinegar directly from the cup

We wanted some heavy duty fizz so we abandoned the dropper and just poured the vinegar directly from the cup

My daughter, at 19 months, was a bit too young to really conquer this activity but she still loved when the baking soda fizzed and had a blast trying to touch the bubbles. Her hands got food coloring on them but it came off with a gentle washing afterwards. 

I recommend this for 2+ 

Clean up was easy because it all stayed on the baking sheet.  When it got too messy for my comfort zone I just dumped the tray and started over.  

If you just want to make piles of baking soda on the baking sheet that will absolutely work too.  

Keep it easy for yourself so you'll want to try this ;) 

Things you'll need

Baking soda


Food coloring (optional but cool and fun)

Dropper or teaspoon

Cookie cutters

Baking sheet

Cups/bowls  to hold colored vinegar


1. Add a few drops of food coloring to each cup of vinegar. Stir and set aside.

2. Place cookie cutters on baking sheet

3. Add a light layer of baking soda to bottom of each cookie cutter. Approximately 1/4 inch. 

4. Using a medicine dropper or teaspoon, slowly add the colored vinegar to the baking soda within the cookie cutter. 

5. Watch it fizz!