Valentine's Day Pencil Love Arrows & Silly Straws

When my daughter has too much sugar she turns into a psychopath.  It actually makes me uncomfortable. Maniacal laughter, crazy eyes- cue the weird voice.

So that being said... this Valentine's Day I wanted to create a non-lame, non-candy option for us mamas. I mean, tons of candy are still choking hazards anyways.

Sure, no one wants to be the mom handing out religious quotes instead of candy but I thought these Valentine's Day pencil arrows and silly straws were fun enough to make the cut.  

My daughter's little toddler friends are def getting these Valentine's Day Pencil Arrows. Too cute not to love. 

Valentines Day pencil arrows

I also thought these were PERFECT! What child (and adult) doesn't love a silly straw? Definitely a goody bag win. And UBER easy.


I ordered a package of Valentine's Day pencils from Amazon Prime. Same with the silly straws. I literally searched "Valentine's Day pencils." I used leftover glitter paper I had in the house.  Yes, I had a pad of glitter paper.  Yes, they make those. 

For the straws I cut out hearts from a random post it pad I had jammed in a drawer.  

See? Easy. 

Lemme set it straight though... this would be ADORABLE with regular #2 yellow pencils and red or pink construction paper.  You don't have to be Fancy Nancy with it. 

I'm sharing this with you because you don't have to go the extra mile to make it adorable.  Go to CVS and grab some paper and pencils (and a sharpener if you don't have one.)

You're eyeliner sharpener will not work... I tried it.

Here's a pic of what you'll need for the pencil arrows. Straws are self explanatory ;)

Valentine's Day pencil arrow supplies

You only need about 8-10 sheets of paper... depends on how many pencils and or straws you're making.  I made 16 pencil arrows with 8 sheets of paper. 

Wanna see exactly how I did it? Here's a quick 1:30 video showing you EVERYTHING.

Thanks for reading.  I want to make life easier for you.  It's hard enough without the pressures to be perfect or the most thoughtful mom in the world.  What areas do you want help with? Please tell me so I can figure out a QUIK way to make your wish come to life. Shoot me an email or just click below to leave a comment! xx Becky