Valentine's Heart Sun Catcher

You are your child's first love, first true Valentine.  

Celebrate together by making some beautiful sun catchers. They are so simple to create and they don't need any set up or monitoring.  You will actually be able to just hang, color together, and then finish with a little H2O magic. 

These sweet sun catching hearts only use 3 items. You'll be able to spend an entire morning making a bunch with your love or loves!  

Valentine's Heart Sun Catcher

I've seen more complicated variations using a medicine dropper, paint brushes, water colors or food coloring in water, but...

Lets do this The Quik Chik way :) with WASHABLE MARKERS.

The idea is so simple but so sweet! You're toddler colors on a previously cut, heart shaped coffee filter.  When finished you spray or drip a little water on it and the washable markers bleed together looking like water colors.  

Once dry, they look so beautiful against a window.  Like toddler stained glass. 

You must use markers labeled "washable" so that the water allows the color to run.  As a mom of a toddler, washable markers are the only markers allowed in the house.  

The pic below of my daughter making her sun catcher confirms why.

heart sun catcher toddler

We had fun trying different colors, naming the colors, and trying to put the caps back on the markers. Her mind was blown when I sprayed her heart with water.  She loved seeing the colors spread out and begin to touch.  Mommy has magic. Yes. Yes I do. 

Here are the 3 things you need:

Washable markers

White coffee filters



1. Cut hearts out of coffee filters.  I use the old "fold it in half and cut one side of heart" method.

2. Hand over coffee filter hearts and washable markers to your little one and let them color. You should color too obvi.

3. Spray or lightly drip with water and watch your heart's beauty transform.

4. Allow to dry.  Once dry, tape to window and admire!

I know you may be stuck in the cold or rain.  I hope this activity will help catch some sunshine and smiles for you mama.  You absolutely deserve it. xx Becky